Wednesday, November 18, 2009

big threats from a big idiot

So if you have been reading my blog you know that we have ahd a problem with keeping our neighbors out of our mail box so we put a locked box outside and i came home from work today and found this letter under my door. it is titled notice of legal action. This notice is to give you 24 hours notice to replace the locked mail box with the original one or legal action will be taken against you. you have violated the lease agreement by making an illegal alteration to the premises and to deny my legal rights to receive my personal mail. I have contacted the landlord your violation of your lease agreement and you will be hearing from him shortly. You will be contacted a lawyer and the police within a couple of days. I suggest you take this matter with more maturity then you have or face the legal action. Those are some pretty big words for a moron and i say bring it on. I know that i should take a higher road and just unlock the mail box but screw them. i would like to see what kind of lawyer a welfare salary affords them. ha

1 comment:

  1. Did you just hear that!? It was my GASPING!!! Oh my goodness!!! Are they for real? What does your landlord say about this!? Don't they have their own mailbox? My the heck can't the house have two mailboxes? Good Greif. I can't beleive they did that!!! Blahahhahahhahahhah..... big losers!! Ahhh, the empty lives of the unemployable. Blahahhahahhahahhahah!!! That should be the title of your blog!!! That's hilarious.