Saturday, December 12, 2009

minus 51 has never felt so good

So yesterday Matt called at 1100 and i answered my phone a nervous excitement just because he never phones at that time unless he has hit himself in the face with a claw hammer or someone was lite on fire etc. He proceed to tell me that they had sent his crew home because with the wind chill in fort mac it was minus 51 degree below zero. I immediately instructed Matt to take off his boots and count his toes for me (all of which were still there). Today again Matt called this morning to tell me that it was even colder and that he could not work. My poor poor little icicle man. but then a quanza miracle happened he texted me to tell me that they decided to postpone work and that he was on his way home to Calgary today. Such a nice surprise since the walk needs to be shoveled and the garbage is just reaching capacity. cant wait to see you poopsicle

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