Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So i only am able to make it home to see my parents once or twice a year and every time i come home i am surprised as to how senior they have become. For example my parents have a whole shelf in there bathroom closet dedicated to medications from God knows when. Lets go through them together
out dated antibiotics check
restricted narcotics check
horse tranquilizers check
suppositories, anti diarrhea's, stools softeners, check check check
things to make you throw up things or to keep you from throwing up check
there are pills in there from when my grandma died
pills that don't even belong to them
I don't know what they are preparing for but if anyone in the vasinity needs medication and the drug store is closed or there doctors is on holidays just come over here they have the cure to what ever ales you.

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  1. Do we need an intervention!? Why are they keeping all thoze pills??