Monday, November 9, 2009

The Departure

So Matt has been home for the weekend which was great and like always Monday comes and it is time for THE DEPARTURE. Someone told me that it gets easier as time goes on but i have to disagree. Although it is equally difficult on each of us I have developed some self preservation techniques it help with the heart ache. Tip number one pick a fight the morning of the departure. It could be anything like yell at him for taking too long in the bathroom tell him his hair looks stupid and he has bad breath. Something offensive always works. Sometimes i give him a task at the beginning of the weekend one that is impossible for him to complete like replacing all the windows in the house or reupholstering the cars so that when he leaves without them being finished i can be mad that he didn't finish. I am sure that this is possibly the most unhealthy ways of dealing with Matt leaving to go back to work but i think that being mad and swearing is less pathetic than crying in the bathroom.

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  1. Blahhahaha.... well, that's ONE theory! Just remind yourself of the temporary independance you now have. You can stay up late, eat bon bons (and you don't have to share) while watching whatever channel you want on the tv. You can order in and it costs you half price, have a meaningful heart to heart with Charlie or eat pudding wraps for breakfast without judgement. Lots of positive things to do without your "snuggle bum" by your side. Then, before you know it, he'll be back, flinging his dirty underpants all over the house. (no offense, Matt.) Blahhahahhahha.