Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So guess what i wanna tattoo my feet well at least one foot. I want a henna inspired design and i think that i have narrowed it down to two pictures that i love. Neither are exactly what i want for instance i don't want my toes tattooed and i don't want it to extend too high up my leg. So how to decide well i think the most mature way of deciding something major and permanent is to let someone else do it. and who better than who ever reads this stupid blog. so here we go the first or the second let me hear what you think. (PS Don't tell Mom heather this means you)


  1. first of all... there is no reference to Dr B in this post like you promised. disappointing. hahaha

    but on the note of the tattoo... i like the second picture better without the 'up the leg stuff' maybe just wrapped at the base of the ankle a bit?

  2. I agree. I like the second one better. The first one is too intense....looks like a chicken's foot with all the veins and bones or something.... and I definately don't like the toes tattoo'd. Looks like rotting toe fungus. And why do you think I'd go running to mom and "tattle" on you!? We are grown adults and grown adults save that kinda thing for the dinner table at Christmas!!! Blahhahahhahhah.

  3. Just a warning - getting a tatoo around your toes HURTS!