Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Hug Me I Have a Cupcake in My Pocket

Matt is my long time boyfriend of four years and for those of you who don't know him well here is just a little bit about my baby. He goes by many names poops, tink, Matthew Frew-Huxtable, Mr sweetie man and so on. These nicknames are not just terms of endearment but also a way of annoying him just a little. We met ten yeas ago in a little restaurant called Perkins. Me a buxom waitress and Matt a greasy cook. We started dating after many years of friendship and one night while sitting on a couch he turned to me with a tinkle in his eye and uttered the most romantic words i could have ever imagined "Are we like gonna make out or what?" and that is where the magic started. From that moment on I knew it would be forever, or at least for now. Now many of you must be reading this thinking barf love is for the weak and pathetic which i also kinda agree with but in order to better understand the struggles a fort mac widow goes through i think that understanding some of the reasons i love him will benefit you. He always has a surprise just waiting to come out of his mouth. he has been known to say things like "Don't hug me i have a cupcake in my pocket" or he has the worst fake British accent known to man it really is an utter insult to the queen herself. He is constantly making up slang words like "is it a work or a shoot" don't even ask me what that means. He is supportive and whenever he doesn't know how to support me he just blurts out "I don't know what to say when girls are crying". The bottom line is that life with Matt is always exciting he can always make me laugh and i can't wait for him to come home tonight!


  1. Who wouldn't love a man who keeps cupcakes in his pockets!

  2. Does Matt have an extra cupcake for his favorite sister in law??? That SOOOO sounds like Matt!!!