Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ups and Downs

So with everything in life there are ups and downs and being a fort mac widow is no different. The downs are obvious
#1 being alone which sucks especially when there are events that you need a partner for
#2 Being solely responsible for all of the daily household chores and tasks that i attempt to pawn off on Matt
#3Constantly watching the clock or calendar or any time telling device calculating when Matt will come home again
#4 worrying that he will be safe at work or on the road
But I have decided that i can no longer dwell on the negatives and must focus on the positives in this situation. so here they are
#1 Never having to watch tv shows where grown men fight each other to the death or shows about things that were found inside a shark
#2 I can read in bed, hell i can actually sleep in bed
#3No line up for the toilet
#4I never have to worry when opening a margarine container that someone is using this container to store a fart (actually has happened)
#5 No more underwear in the microwave, mailbox, or under the kitchen table
#6 I can shop alone without guilt, or even worse someone standing at the door of a department store watching his watch
Okay so now that i think about it there does seem to be more positives then negatives here but all in all no matter how many nice things i think of they will never compare to the desire of having my baby home with me. Barf i know that it sounds too sentimental for me but it's the truth.

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  1. Awwwww.... you DO have a soft side!!! Just wait a few more months and you'll have me closer so I can drop in every other day and visit with you. I know that will fill the void for sure!!!