Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi for those of you who know me great you can stop reading now, but for those of you who don't my name is Tracy. I am a nurse who in Calgary Alberta and couldn't imagine living in a more beautiful city. Well i could imagine living in a more beautiful neighborhood, anyways back to the point. I have been dating my loving boyfriend for just over four years now and unfortunately due to the failing economy i have unwillingly become a member of an exclusive group of women all over Canada when my boyfriend Matt left the city to find work in Fort Mac Murray. I like to think of myself as the Fort Mac Widow. Matt is a welder a hard worker and a good man and as the same old story goes he left his family and home to seek out greener pastures, search for food and shelter, while i am left to hold down the fort (and when i say fort i actually mean bungalow.) I intend this blog to be some sort of therapeutic outlet for the ups and downs of living apart from the one I love the most. Therapeutic for myself not anyone else. If you are reading this blog for some great insight as to how to grow as an independent woman or how to strengthen a partnership or form a intimate connection stop reading now..... Don't forget i am a nurse and far to jaded to fall for any of that sentimental crap. If you're reading for a laugh and someone who shots from the hip then i hope you enjoy

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  1. I'm SO glad you are blogging. Let me tell you, it is an addiction far greater than any drug!!! You'll love it!!! Yeaaaahhhh!!! Welcome to the world of lonely losers.... ummm.. I mean.... free therapy... I mean.... a world of common ground with other losers... I mean....other women.