Sunday, November 29, 2009

Secret Wedding? did this really happen

Wow so it all happened so fast i have a hard time believing that what happened this weekend really happened. It all started on Thursday when i got a call from Kevin My twin. he said "I need you to meet me on Saturday at this address at one o'clock sharp, i can't tell you why its a surprise" Well of course i couldn't keep this juicy piece of info to myself so i immediately called both sisters at work to gossip about what we thought it could possibly be. I thought that he was acting fishy since he has never been sharp for anything before this must be big. Well after talking to each other we had figured it out. a secret wedding! Our baby brother got married to his Girlfriend Mags Saturday at 1 o'clock sharp. Just a really small intimate ceremony with me and two uninvited sisters and mags' three roommates. Now that it is all over with i can only say that good idea getting Mags to say I do before meeting the rest of the family. Congrats you two

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