Thursday, December 17, 2009

Matt is just trying to torture me

So Matt wrapped my gifts and put them under the tree which anyone who knows me is like complete and utter torture. Especially when i am home alone and it just so happens that Matt is at the hockey game tonight. so here are the text messages between me and Matt tonight.
Tracy "Baby i think that a little mouse has chewed a hole into my present, what are the odds that a mouse would just chew into my gifts?"
Matt "That's Crazy"
Tracy " Baby i think that a baby mouse might be trapped in one and need my help"
Matt " Which one?"
Tracy " Both i think that they are twin baby mice and they are each trapped in one gift"
Matt " I guess you will have to open them then and ruin Christmas"
Tracy "But it's to save baby lives, which for some reason are more valuable than adult lives"
Matt You actually hate mice if i am not mistaken"

Need less to say i didn't open my gifts what a jerk!


  1. Good for you. Don't you dare touch those gift. They are for Jesus' special day, not yours. Just remember, he's watching you!!

    Love the manipulation though.

  2. what not only do i have to wait til Christmas to open them but now i have to share my gifts with the baby jesus fetus what a rip off

  3. "Dear tiny Jesus, golden fleece diapers with your tiny little fat balled up fist... 8lbs 6 oz newborn infant Jesus" in the words of Ricky Bobby.