Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hello everyone. I wouldn't usually Blog on such a sacred holiday such as Santa's birthday but i am desperately trying to avoid helping set the table and stir the gravy. Not that i am lazy but there are eight people trying to decide how to set up two tables for 20 people. Great now Pam is yelling for me to help. Another black eye waiting to happen. It wouldn't be so bad except that i just wiped the floor with her at Dominos and she is the worst sore loser in history next to my other sister (MEAT BEANS) but thats another story for another time. Anyways christmas is going okay so far. Me and matt luckly get to sleep in the motor home in the shop the good news is that we are far away from everyone the bad news is that we can't use the plumbing in the motor home and have to stumble 2 kilometers to the nearest toilet which of course is so cold that you have to hover in order to keep you butt from freezing to it. But isn't that what christmas is all about. Hope everyone is having a good holiday

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