Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who's the bad influence now?

So for since before i was born it was decided that i would be the child labeled as the bad influence. I am usually the one encouraging my sister hes to do something that she wouldn't normally allow herself to do like get tattooed or buy herself jewelery, or whatever but today the tables have turned. Me and Hes went to the mall to get a dress for me to go to Grant and Ashley's wedding and what does she say lets go to the puppy store. and as we walked into the store my heart melted to see that they had not one but two little yorkie/poodle puppies. Then she says well we're here we might as well hold them. Why oh why do i let her talk me in to these things. Now my want for a puppy has become a need. I did manage to put the puppies back at the store but then proceeded home and Hes called an add on kijiji. I don't know if i am ready or if i can even afford a puppy right now but i just can't help myself. Do you think that i could get a puppy and then convince Matt that its his birthday present? Its worth a try right.

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  1. Do it!! Definitely call it his birthday present - then he'll HAVE to keep it right??!!