Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best Shift Ever

So i usually try not to blog about work but i feel that last night deserves a small note. We are renovation our emergency department and so a six bed section has been temporarily relocated to the operating room holding area. Last night i was assigned to that area and to my delight I had three patients that were all stable and able to care for themselves. Apparently there is some strict criteria in order to be put in this area and it is like a nurses dream. All patients must be able to ambulate independently, stable, they can't have any psych concerns or dementia, they have to be able to use the bathroom independently. so basically they have to be healthy happy and fairly young which means that out of 45 patients in the ER about 2 qualify to be placed back here. Its amazing, i could get use to this. Unfortunately i will be in the triage section of the ER tonight which means i will be dealing with everything from foreign objects in bums to demented elderly, and crying children. I just pray that one day i will be able to go to the back again

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