Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vegas Here we come

Tomorrow we leave for Las Vegas. Our friends Grant and Ashley are getting married on Saturday and we are going to join them there tomorrow. Grant and Ashley and their two little girls Regan and Madison leave today at noonish. I know that you are not suppose to put your travel plans on the internet for thieves and perverts to ransack your house but i am just too excited to share the news. besides no one really reads this blog anyways. I started packing this morning and think that i have everything that i need including one pair of buffet pants (you know what i mean pants that have no defined waste band or restricting belts). Matt has decided to do his own packing so i am sure we will be visiting a walmart when we get down there to pick up underwears or toothpaste or whatever else he is most likely going to forget. just kidding matt. Anyways i can't wait to share all the things that we see and do In the city of lights or is that paris anyways look out Vegas here we come.

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