Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to ensure you have a great day

So i have learned the secret to ensure you have a great day and i feel that it is my duty to share this secret with my loyal readers. Have a root canal first thing in the morning and nothing could possibly happen that could make you day any worse. You could get hit by a bus and you would still be thankful that you are no longer in the dentist's chair. I have been and anti-dentite ever since i was a child. I never really had a bad experience at the dentist to make me hate and fear them so much but my childhood dentist had the largest hands on earth. I have seen hands on full grown gorillas that are smaller and more dainty than his. In fact i think that I saw him changing a spare tire with his bare hands before. Anyways today i went in to have a cavity fixed. I think that the dentist uses the amount of time that has passed since you have been to the dentist as leverage, and a deciding factor as to what torture i mean treatment that you need, because she asked me how long it had been since i had been to the dentist and when i answered it had been about 8 years she immediately said that i would need a root canal. It was like she was looking at a punishment chart like if i had been to the dentist a year ago i would only have to have a cleaning and if it had been 2 years than a filling. I am just glad that it hadn't been longer than 8 years or else you have all of your teeth removed and metal jaws implanted. So i had the first part of my root canal and have to return to have the second half done in a couple of weeks I can't wait

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