Friday, October 1, 2010


So my sister hes, who also has a blog, (not as funny or insightful as mine of course) has deemed this month as blogtober. And apparently in blogtober it is mandatory for bloggers to post something new on their blog everyday. Now i don't know what i will possibly blog about everyday since my life is pretty mundane but here goes.
We had our first dog training class last Wednesday and found out that your little Merle could potentially be very far behind in his potty training. Ya the instructor asked everyone in the room how house training was coming and all the other people said that their dogs were fully house broken. what? really? well in order to help out our little Merle we have decided to try bell training. We are suppose to hang bells near the front door and train Merle to ring them when he wants to go out. now i am sure that Merle will catch on quickly (ya right he is just a little slow in the learning department.) Anyways next week is the first week that we bring the dogs and i am sure that what Merle lacks in training and manners and brains and common sense he will make up for it in cuteness.

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