Tuesday, October 5, 2010

childrens Emerg

So as a part of my orientation for emergency i had to spend one day at the health sciences childrens emerge, and that dreaded day was today. So i get up this morning feeling like a bag of something nasty. I have a scratchy throat and a stuffy head. anyways so i head over the the hospital in hopes of a fiery bus crash full of children and to my surprise nothing happened. nothing happened all day. we stood around in between multiply breaks as a handful of children trickled in, and the kicker is that it seemed like they had twice the staff that we have at the Grace. I just don't get who decides how much staff is needed at each facility since yesterday at the Grace we have more patients in our hallways then the children's saw in the first 8 hours of the day. When the hospital emergency is over capacity administration calls a code purple. yesterday we were at a code purple all day. Just so you can imagine in the emergency ward we have in total 23 beds yesterday at any point of the day we had 45-56 patients not including what was in the waiting room. When we are desperate which is every day we can put up to 9 people in the hallway. yesterday we had shoved 14 people in the hallways. So many patients that there was a line up at the bathroom all day long. And today i stopped by the grace after my event less shift at childrens to drop off some paper work and yet again they were over capacity. The waiting room was packed with ambulances and walk-ins and even a poodle no shit a lady with a poodle and i guess that everybody was so busy i don't think that anyone even noticed.

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  1. I remember that day! It sucked. But seriously, there was a lady with a poodle? Definitely must have been WAY too busy not to notice that...