Wednesday, September 21, 2011

head honcho poncho

Hello everyone, I want you to meet Stu. this is Stuart a nurse that i work with at the Grace. He is smart and sometimes funny a genuinely good nurse, and a good time to be around, that is before the poncho entered into his life. I know what you are thinking A Poncho? are hippies still weaving their stinky dreadlocks into hideous pullovers for the fashion challenged to walk around in? I know i thought this abomination was long over but some how by some freak accident Stuart has one, and he likes it! I don't know where in this day and age one can purchase such an article. Perhaps he has accidental stepped through a rip in the time continuum and ended up in 1995 and thought oh good now i can finally get that an itchy malshapened sweater that smells like incense and dung. Stuart claims that his girlfriend purchased this poncho for him, which i find very hard to believe. Besides her questionable taste in boyfriends she appears to be a lovely girl with very good fashion sense herself. I don't know how many of my readers are up on their biblical knowledge but Stuarts poncho reminds me of the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. I will just give you the summed up version of this tale. There was a guy Joseph and his dad gave him a colorful poncho, (his dad was blind by the way). this poncho much like Stuart's was so ugly that his brothers beat him and sold him into slavery, and then some other stuff happened but the moral of the story is DON"T WEAR UGLY PONCHOS.

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