Thursday, September 22, 2011

random thoughts

it is not smart to lie down in a dog park
i love when old people tell complete strangers intimate details of their life and health in a footlocker
dad quit saying castup
I saw a guy at work who's shins broken and went through his heals and i thought that it looked like a pair of lady gaga's weird high heals
I hate when people use facebook to complain about their kids you're suppose to keep all your feelings pent up on the inside only to someday explode inside a dollarama
vegetables are ruining my life
Its Jim Henson's 75th birthday today but he's dead so i guess it really isn't
my cousin Sammy joined the navy. i guess that is how desperate some people are to get out of Portage that they sign up to be shot at or eaten by sharks
I waited in line at Walmart so long yesterday that my botox wore off before i got out of there
The Bloggess is the funniest person ever, read her blog so funny, but then don't expect my blog to live up to her standards cause i have a full time job and she has a giant metal rooster.

1 comment:

  1. I am literally laughing out loud.
    I loved the Bloggess post about the giant metal rooster - but this post takes a close second. No lie.

    Hope you are as fantastic as you are hilarious!