Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So when i purchased my new car i also received a years worth of free oil changes bonus right? well in August when i purchased the car they made an appointment for my first change. I actually remember saying to the lady can i make the appointment closer to the date that i need to change the oil and she said not to worry she would book me in and if i needed to change the appointment time or date to phone a head. So anyways i take my car in today as Nov 11 at 8:00am was the appointment that they had given me months in advance and guess what I am not on the books. Mother Mary i made this appointment three months ago and took the morning off work to be there. So the guy is like don't worry i will sneak it in and get it done and it should be ready by Noon. It takes 4 hours to change the oil in my car? what the junk anyways so i am sitting at home waiting for them to call me and let me know I can come back and pick it up hoping that it is before i need to go to work. I just hate when things that should take 15minutes of your day end up eating up all morning.

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  1. I know what you mean. I had scheduled the duct cleaners to come to the house to clean the furnace and crap. I took an early lunch to accomodate them and arranged for a friend to take a later lunch to be here for the second hour as I couldn't get away from work for an extended lunch that day. I waited, waited, then switched shifts with my girlfriend, she waited and waiting. They never showed. people just think we are just welfare bums sitting at home for them to decide when it's convenient for them to show? Boy I was mad that day!!!