Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Grant and Ashley have been staying with us for the last two days with their two children. now i just want to make sure this is clear. Grant and Ashley are two of the best parents i know They love their children more than life itself and whats not to love. Regan and Madison are wonderful kids. Loving, adorable well behaved and cuter than shit. But this morning was a touch difficult and I saw a look in their eyes that has been preventing myself from having children of my own. a look that i recognized instantly even though it only lasted a millisecond. It was just a flash but i know that both Grant and Ashley were looking around for a baby cage. A baby cage is anything that can temporarily house a child while you need a break from the crying and screaming that kids tend to do first thing in the morning. Now the best baby cage is one that doesn't look like a cage at all you know one that prevents the child abuse people from knocking on you door, like a deep bathtub partially full of olive oil so that even the tallest child can not escape easily from. or a front load washer is a great idea cause it has a window in which to view your child but it is relatively sound proof. for smaller children you can try a upside down laundry basket with a weight on top if your baby is too big for a laundry basket try an upside down laundry hamper. now Grant and Ashley did not take advantage of any of my baby cage ideas but i know deep down inside they were seriously considering it.

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