Saturday, September 18, 2010

i am just going to come out and say it

Thats it. last week i was at the health sciences hospital for a ER training course and after lunch i walked into a public bathroom and there was a woman brushing her teeth at one of the sinks. That's just gross. i think that people who brush their teeth at work are gross enough but now people are brushing their teeth in a public bathroom in a hospital no less. I couldn't imagine a grosser place to brush your teeth. and this wasn't one of those new renovated spa looking bathroom it was an old grungy bathroom gas station bathroom. i felt like telling her that hundreds of people every day come in here to take gnarley shits because she obviously wasn't aware of this. Now i haven't been a nurse for very long but this is probably the grossest thing that i have ever witnessed and i have seen peoples rotten shriveraled black toes fall off, or people with axes in their heads or popped out eyeballs.


  1. I don't know that it's all that gross - bake sales are worse.

  2. How much grosser can it be? Was she brushing her teeth in the urinal??

  3. At least she was brushing her teeth, have you seen what a persons month looks like if they have not brushed their teeth in years, it is just gross