Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sorry readers

SO i know that i have been lacking on my blogging in the last couple of weeks so here is an update. we have started to finish our basement and so far we have completed painting and wallpapering the bedroom thanks to heathers help. Today after three long days of hard dirty filty labour. matt and dad and me have completed hanging a supsended ceiling in the soon to be rec room. Thanks for all of your help and all in all it went fairly smoothly (even though we had too many cheifs and not nearly enough indians we managed to get it done). It took almost three days before my dad would let me use a power tool or meassuring tape without looming over me critisizing my work but that is another story for another time. we have ordered our flooring and we are waiting for it to come in (about a week from now)

merle is growing fast if you can believe our baby is now a 5 pounder. he got his cast off and is starting to use his left leg again. its a little skinny now but it wont be long till its as big and beefy as the rest of him.

Last saturday we went to the anual vust family reunion. lots of us were there and i am embarassed to say that i could only recognize three quaters of the people there oh well

my aunt selma is in the hospital but is doing okay they thought she had a stroke but are now thinking it was more along the lines of an electrolyre imbalance. Selma is one of my favorite aunts (next to you debbie) and it makes me nervous to see how frail she has gotten, but my theory has yet to be proven wrong you just cant kill a vust.

Work is starting to pick up again in fort mac and i am waiting for matt to leave any day now. last time i got about 9 hours notice before he boarded a plane. Matt has been home all summer and for the most part driving me nuts but none the less i never want him to leave especially when i never know when he is coming home again. Its very common for him to be scheduled to come home in 45days and some how it turns into 50 or 60 days everytime. anyways i hope that when i get home from work this morning he will still be there.

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