Saturday, February 19, 2011

100 things about me part two

Actually this is 100 things i learned last night
21. Dale's grandma use to drown kittens in her basement
22. Brad thinks that senior citizens are the first cyborgs with all their special metal joints and enhanced hearing.
23. Dale and Janice both have lesbian sisters
24.It is illegal to sell your bodily fluids in Canada
25. one meat boy = 2275 calories
26. nothing good happened in 1981
27. Matt told an embarrassing story about me last night and instead of getting mad i spit in his coffee this morning
28. I saw a fetus in an ice cream pail at work yesterday and then again at a McDonalds.
29. The best way to smuggle a salamander into a prison is not in your bum
30. Cats can jump 8 feet in the air for a chicken wing
31. you should never throw a bag full of hair and hair remover off an overpass
32. when you go to a combined birthday party you have to eat two pieces of cake weather you want to or not.
33. I never know when to use the word whether or weather can buy a build your own casket kit
35. Philosophers waste a lot of their time just thinking. not me i never waste time on that
36. Intimate glider $432 dollars
37. Louise Riel= exiled
38. when dogs get old they get long hair between their foot pads just like when men get long hairs in their ears and nose
39. a ouigi board that was thought to have captured a ghost inside of it sold at auction for over 2000 dollars
40. In mexico they sell roofies or the date rape drug as a sleeping pill.

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love you Tracy Vust.