Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Last year i made a list of the ten things i was thankful for, all of which still apply. This year in the spirit of the season i thought that i would make a list of ten things that i am not thankful for. I know it sounds a little blasphemist this being the patron holiday of sacrificing turkeys and native Americans, but i just can't help to shake it up a bit.
10. People who complain about their kids on facebook. no one cares how tired you are.
9. People who never take off their blue tooth ear things. you look like a dollar store cyborg
8. Raking leaves. I don't know where everyone gets this romantic idea that raking leaves is such a great fall activity, IT SUCKS, sweaty dirty never ending work
7. I don't appreciate the fact that Walmart has double even tripled the amount of crap they carry without expanding the actual size of the store. Its like walking through the economy class of a Bangladesh train in there.
6. I am not thankful for the size of the stool sample tubes they make. Who ever thought of trying to have people poop into a test tube?
5. Birds are rude
4. will they ever make underpants that don't slip off my bum when i am on the treadmill?
3. I hate people who try to tell me where to put their IV when they come to the hospital. Here's an idea since you don't know what you are talking about how about I decide
2. When did getting engagement photos become popular? and what are they for?
1. I hate that i don't have a cool accent. I think that it would vastly improve my likeability. Unfortunately i can't start having one now cause that is even more annoying than not having an accent in the first place!

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